When the Best Laid Plans Go Awry

When the Best Laid Plans Go Awry


When the Best Laid Plans Go Awry

Just when you thought you were done having kids… You were “innocently” celebrating and enjoying that new, tight body and what happened? You got pregnant! Accidents can happen and now you might be wondering what your options are. Can you carry this surprise bundle of joy to term? Will that sweet angel be the death of your amazing abdominoplasty aftermath?

We will answer your questions and give you some idea about what to expect with a pregnancy after a tummy tuck. If time is of the essence and you need to go get prenatal vitamins, the quick answer is: yes, you can carry a baby to term and deliver normally, even if you’ve had previous plastic surgery. And this pregnancy may or may not damage your plastic surgery results, depending on your individual situation.

Go take your vitamin and come back to read more about:

1. Re-stretching and damage

2. Scar-y situation?

3. When to do the deed (if it’s not already done)

Re-stretching and damage

Similar to other advice and guidelines, there is no one absolute answer on whether you will undo any excellence done by your plastic surgeon. Your body’s individual response to pregnancy will determine the extent of abdominal muscle stretching.

Think about any previous pregnancies you have experienced: did you exercise regularly? What kind of nutrition choices did you make? How much weight did you gain, in addition to the weight of your baby? These factors could directly affect your plastic surgery results.

The degree of tightness that your plastic surgeon blessed you with is also a factor. If your tummy tuck was especially tight, the possibility of the new pregnancy causing more damage is higher. A tighter tummy tuck may also indicate intense feelings of stretching, pulling or pressure. Some post-plastic surgery mommas have reported heartburn and incontinence.

Scar-y situation?

Many women wonder if they can deliver their baby vaginally or if they will be required to have a C-section. Natural births are common, even after a tummy tuck. Plastic surgery does not commonly interfere with the anatomical capabilities of the reproductive organs. If your circumstances dictate that you will have a C-section, your OB/GYN may cut along your existing tummy tuck scar during delivery.

When to do the deed (if it’s not already done) You might still have those old post-surgical guidelines rattling around in your head, such as how long you should wear your faja, when you can start your scar care regime or when you can resume exercise or a-hem! physical intimacy with your partner.

Again, there is no timeframe related to pregnancy that everyone agrees on. Some surgeons reluctantly acknowledge that pregnancy 5-6 months post-plastic surgery is acceptable while others recommend aspiring mothers to wait 5-6 years.

If you are not pregnant yet but are considering adding to your family, it’s in your best interest to openly communicate with your plastic surgeon first. Respect their recommendation while also talking with your OB/GYN. Disclose that you’ve had a tummy tuck and place some value on their opinion as well.

The last stitch

Keeping open communication with all of the medical professionals in your life is key so that everyone knows your current state of physical and mental health. The bottom line is that pregnancy post-tummy tuck will not necessarily ruin your plastic surgery results. These five things, however, could ruin them. (Note that “baby” was not on our list.)

You may possibly need or want to have a revision of your tummy tuck after you’ve healed from your pregnancy. Some women redo their aesthetic procedures and some do not. The American National Library of Medicine published an informative and successful case study. The then-39 year-old patient became pregnant just one month after her tummy tuck. She carried her baby to term and delivered a healthy little stomach-stretcher. She did not pursue any revision, as her stomach muscles rebounded well.

It is important to note that she maintained a well-balanced diet throughout her pregnancy. Your decisions determine your outcome. Remember when we told you how to recover quickly from your plastic surgery? And while our nutrition advice in this article was geared mostly to your rear, it can be applied to all body parts. For further information about how to maintain your amazing results, read this.

Ideally it can be argued that the easiest and most economical decision about your body and health would be to wait until you are completely done having children before undergoing a tummy tuck. However, sometimes the best laid plans go awry. If you find yourself in this situation, remember that clear and complete communication is key. Keep everyone informed each step of the way and if you get stuck on the hardest decision of the whole process, don’t worry: you can always name your baby after your plastic surgeon.


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