What is Vaginoplasty?

Vaginoplasty is one of the genital aesthetic procedures and it is, recently, one of the aesthetic surgeries with substantial popularity. Vaginal deformities lead to unpleasant appearance from an aesthetic point of view. Moreover, it decreases self-confidence of patients. It causes serious problems in social life. Deformities in internal or external genitalia may also progress into a painful condition for the patient. The problems especially in internal genitalia are associated with different conditions.

Genital aesthetic surgeries offer a solution for problems of internal and external genitalia. Vaginoplasty restores self-confidence of patients. Quality of daily life is substantially improved. Irritation and infection-related problems are minimized. Thus, patients may take a step into a more comfortable life.

Deterioration develops in vaginal region over the years. Childbearing, weakened collagen tissue or aging are among the reasons of this deterioration. These problems negatively affect the couple’s sexual life later on. Problems in vaginal region can be easily eliminated with developing technology and treatment methods.

Self-confidence of women whose vaginal regions are brought to their prior form is restored rapidly. Couples’ sexual lives recover. Vaginal tightening is also one of the new-generation treatment methods for renewing the vaginal region. It is targeted to improve the patients’ quality of life.

How is Vaginoplasty Performed?

This surgery focuses on internal genitalia. The aim is to create an aesthetic appearance for internal genitalia according to your requests. The procedure is carried out by specialist gynecologists. Vaginoplasty implies the procedure that is performed to restore the vagina, which has enlarged over time, into original form and shape. The narrowed vagina is restored to original form with surgical procedure. Thus, its form is protected. Weakness of vaginal muscles leads to enlargement. You need to seek help of aesthetic surgeries to eliminate this condition. We aim to prevent this condition with these procedures.

It is not necessary that people who need this surgery have given birth or are at advanced ages. This procedure can be performed for all women who need the surgery. Vaginal aging is not only caused by biological age. The severity of deformation in this region or tendency for deformation also increases the need for surgery. There is no defined age range for people who request to have vaginal rejuvenation surgery.

The aim of the operation is not only improving the quality of sexual life. In addition to sexual life, vaginal loosening also affects your quality of life negatively. Beyond anything else, you may experience a serious decline in your self-confidence. This negatively influences your current quality of life. Moreover, the problems also causes urinary or gas incontinence. These problems remarkably decrease your quality of life. Conditions like gas or urinary incontinence will start affecting your daily life activities. Patients’ living conditions are boosted with this procedure.

Why is vaginoplasty performed?

You use your vagina actively during childbirth. This leads to a trauma for your vagina. The trauma causes abnormal enlargement of your vagina. The enlarged vagina is associated with various problems. Your social life is especially influenced by these problems. Although your vagina starts deforming during pregnancy, it is restored to original form after the delivery. However, it will never gain its original form exactly. Difficult deliveries or too large baby make it impossible for your vagina to gain its original form.

On the contrary to common belief, enlargement of vagina is not a condition that applies only to women who give birth. In some patients, it is already the natural form of vagina. In some cases, enlargement and sagging, among many other problems, are secondary to weak connective tissue. Various underlying causes of vaginal enlargement can also play a role simultaneously.

Vaginoplasty is performed for people with following conditions:

  • Sagging tissues and lose of elasticity due to aging process,
  • Vaginal trauma secondary to a challenging childbearing period,
  • Tear in vaginal region during childbearing due to large baby,
  • Sudden need for cesarean section although spontaneous vaginal delivery has been planned,
  • Wideness of vagina due to genetic factors,
  • Tendency to enlarge in vaginal region,
  • History of childbearing more than once,
  • History of abortion procedure in an irregular and unhealthy way are among the reasons requiring this surgical intervention.

If you also have these complaints, you may seek help at any time from us. You need to take measures before you vagina that enlarges over time leads to various problems.

Who are candidates of vaginoplasty?

The surgeon takes fat tissue from the patient during the surgery. It is injected to walls of the mucosa in order to narrow the vagina. Fat is a living tissue. It contains blood, nutrients and oxygen. Fat injection revives the vagina. It repairs the sensorial deficits.

The swollen region brings about urinary bladder problems in the long term especially in the elderly. It allows quick prolapse of rectum. Low estrogen level in postmenopausal period leads to loss of sensitivity in tissues. Organs cannot perform their supportive role. Certain aesthetic surgery procedures should be performed in the patient to prevent all these conditions.

We perform vaginoplasty commonly to correct the problems caused by enlargement of vagina. You will be satisfied with outcomes of the surgery. You can see the outcomes very soon after the surgery. The procedure is appropriate for all women with vaginal deformity.

Before Vaginoplasty

You may benefit from vaginoplasty for enlargement of your vagina. The surgery offers facilities regarding its practice and it is preferred very often. Although it is a pretty simple procedure, patients need to pay attention to some points. First, you should follow advices of your physician. Based on these advices, you may inspire confidence to yourself before the surgery. If you have any questions in mind before the surgery, you may contact our physician at any time.

Vagina is an extremely sensitive organ. You need to take care of vaginal/genital hygiene after the surgery, as is the case with before the surgery. As it has a self-cleaning structure, you should not apply any cleansing material. To ensure a healthier vaginal tightening procedure, you should wash the region only with water. Therefore, you may also prevent infections.

Considerations about postoperative period of vaginoplasty

You need to take care of some issues following a successful surgery. You may manage the operative process better in this way. This surgery has a pretty simple structure. Although it is a simple procedure, it has certain aspects that need to be paid attention. The most important one is the postoperative genital hygiene. You should use only water to clean this region. Moreover, you should clean your vagina from front to the back.

It is also important to keep this region dry. You may use pad or cotton in order to ensure it. Bleeding is expected for approximately 15 days after the procedure. You should know that it is normal condition. If you have severe bleeding, you should necessarily consult your physician.

To obtain the most definite information about the surgery, you should always contact us. We are ready to answer your questions at any time.

Vaginoplasty Prices 2024

Prices of vaginoplasty vary according to various parameters. Vagina enlarges due to various reasons, including but not limited to certain gynecological procedures or childbirth, and it deforms over time. To correct this condition, we perform aesthetic surgeries with various techniques. The aesthetic surgery should be carefully performed to restore original form of the vagina.

The technique used in vaginoplasty also affects the prices. The procedures performed with surgical technique or laser will vary in terms of price. Other factors that vary the prices include overall condition of the patient and how much tissue is removed from the vagina.

You may contact us at any time to get information about current prices of vaginoplasty.


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