Tis the season for plastic surgery


Jingle your bells

Summer’s sizzle has turned to a fizzle and you’re reluctantly getting your autumn clothes out of storage. Maybe you can’t stop thinking about warmer weather and beach time; you wept as you packed up your bikini. Perhaps the weather in your area has you pouting. Is it so depressing that you don’t want to go outside? What can you do with your time now that the season has gone bleak?

Different people have different seasonal activities they enjoy: putting puzzles together, knitting, crocheting, painting, watching TV… the list is as long as there are snowflakes in the sky in Maine. Our point is, you have options! You can lay on the couch and binge on Netflix or you can finally schedule that aesthetic procedure you’ve been considering! If you’re still struggling to find a good surgeon you can use this guide.

The perfect indoor activity: recovering from surgery

Autumn and winter are perfect months for plastic surgery because:

  • Cooler weather is a natural ice pack for your body, helping with swelling, inflammation and bruising control.
  • Cooler weather means you’ll wear bigger, bulkier clothing that easily conceals dressings, drains and compression garments.
  • Less exposure to the sun allows our bodies to heal more quickly.
  • By enduring the surgery and recovery in autumn or winter, you’ll have more time in the spring and summer to enjoy your newly improved body.

Keeping your cool

Many doctors do not recommend heat or ice therapy to help with swelling or pain management because your nerves may have been severed in your operation. They need time to regenerate and grow before they can accurately tell you comfortable temperatures. Healing nerves are not as reliably sensitive as healthy ones, so applying heat or ice could be more harmful than helpful.

A cooler season will naturally help regulate your body temperature, as long as you don’t do anything crazy like huddling naked in a blizzard. You might have a body you don’t mind showing off, but please do so in a healthy way.

Conceal it and heal it

Cooler weather usually means bigger clothing and that’s perfect for concealing the aftermath of surgery. Bulky clothing allows extra room for drains and dressings, so why not have a little plastic surgery? Sweaters effortlessly fall down over fajas and other compression garments. Your puffy winter coat will wrap around you like a warm, downy robe. Soft and thick socks will slide right up your compression-socked legs.

Ain’t no sunshine… and that’s perfect

While your scars are healing, they need a big time out. Time out of the sun’s harmful UV rays, that is. Only mature scars - scars that are at least one year old - should be put in direct sunlight. For more information about scar care and sunshine, skim this short article by a rehabilitation center in Missouri, USA.

The sun can also contribute additional and unwanted heat, resulting in sweating and swelling. Longer nights and the shorter days of autumn and winter are a perfect time for you to recuperate and recover from plastic surgery. You will be happy with your lighter scars in the future.

It’s like the ant and the grasshopper, but with surgery instead of food

Have you ever heard Aesop’s fable”The Ant and the Grasshopper”? Long story short, the ants spend all summer stocking up their food supply so they’ll be able to eat in the cold, dark winter months. The grasshopper just lounges and watches them, too lazy to put any work in. Winter rolls around and the grasshopper gets hungry. He can’t find food but he knows the ants are prepared, so he has to ask them for help.

The ants put the time in when they could so they could survive in the future. While having plastic surgery isn’t usually as life-threatening as a food supply, it does have some similar lessons to teach. Having plastic surgery in the autumn or winter is a good way to be prepared for summer. You will be a forward-thinking ant (with a BBL) instead of a lazy grasshopper with no aesthetic improvements.

The last stitch

Now is the time to get ready for summer! It might be months from the first blooming flower or hot, steamy day. Autumn IS a time of harvest, so think of your body like a fertile field and get to sowing some oats. You haven’t even thought of your New Year’s resolutions yet and that’s fine. Book your surgery now and skip straight to the action.

Then when you get home from the hospital you can light that pumpkin spice candle, settle in on the couch in your surgeon-approved “V” position and relax. Let your body heal while your significant other shovels the sidewalk. Enjoy a hot chocolate after a protein-packed soup for dinner. Read this for other ways to help your body rapidly recover during the most wonderful time to heal.


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