Thigh lift surgery, or "thighplasty," corrects sagging and/or loose skin on your thighs. Performed under general anesthesia, this surgery usually lasts around three hours. Sagging or loose skin can be caused by sudden changes in weight or by the aging process and can be aesthetically unpleasant. This skin can also affect everyday life in terms of your gait or walking pattern.

You can request thigh lift surgery to correct the sagging skin.

How is Thigh Lift Performed?

First we evaluate the leg structure, examining excess skin and fatty tissue. Liposuction prior to the thigh lift is paramount for a smooth surgery and successful outcome. The removal of excess fat tissue results in a better lift of the skin.

During the surgery, excess skin is stretched upward to ensure tightness in the thigh. In selected cases, the scars are positioned up in the groin to keep them out of everyday sight. More commonly, scars extend further down the leg, especially in patients with a large amount of severely loose skin or those who have lost a massive amount of weight.

Who are good candidates for thigh lift surgery?

People with excess fat and/or sagging skin in their legs typically can have thigh lift surgery. These two indicators can be resolved with the surgery. The duration of surgery may vary depending on the patient’s actual condition.

Before thigh lift surgery

As with all surgical procedures, thigh lift surgery poses certain risks. Please take the time to answer the following questions when considering thigh lift surgery:

  • Do you definitely need this surgery?
  • Why do you want to undergo this procedure?
  • From an aesthetic perspective, which other surgeries do you need, in your opinion?
  • Are surgical scars a problem for you?
  • Is your skin health and quality appropriate for this surgery?

You may discuss these and any additional questions with our physician in your consultation. Realistic and accurate answers will determine your expectations of the surgery.

After Thigh Lift

You will wake up with bandages on and drains in your legs. The bandages are protecting your sutures and the drains are collecting lymphatic fluid that accumulates in the medial part of your legs. Drains will be removed within the first week after surgery. You may feel mild pain in and around your thighs for the first week.

You will have a follow-up appointment two days after discharge. Take care to allot for a quality rest and recovery period. Elevate your legs for at least three weeks when resting. Follow your physician’s advice, take prescribed painkillers and antibiotics as directed.

You will administer blood thinner injections after your surgery for seven days. You will also need to take light walks soon after surgery. Moving the legs is vital in assisting with recovery but care should be taken to avoid excessive sweating and strenuous movements for ten days post-surgery. Also, make sure to wear your compression socks around the clock during this time. Take them off only for showers. Wearing them ensures a positive and shorter recovery process! You can return to your daily life routine approximately ten days after surgery. You can increase activity by jogging short distances three weeks after surgery.

What should thigh lift patients be mindful of?

Make sure you have a quality resting period for at least ten days. Expect minimal pain during this time; your pain level can be managed with the medication prescribed by your physician. Following your physician’s advice and resting is crucial for recovery.

Please avoid strenuous movements during the first ten days after your surgery. Wear your compression garments around the clock, except for when you are showering or bathing. Your compression garments can ensure a shorter recovery period.

Cost of thigh lift surgery

The price of thighplasty varies according to the patient’s condition, surgical techniques and anesthesia method. Contact us at any time to discuss your treatment options and their prices.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why are thigh lift procedures performed?
Thighs become deformed secondary to aging and quick weight loss and gain cycles. The surgery should be performed to correct this condition.

2. Will there be any scar on skin after the surgery?
Severity of skin sagging in inner parts of leg determines the scar rate. The larger the sagging area in thigh, the greater scar remains.

3. Can this surgery be combined with liposuction?
We perform a general examination before the procedure. If your physician also diagnoses excess fat accumulation at this stage, we can combine the surgery with liposuction.

4. May I take a shower immediately after the surgery?
We do not recommend taking shower for first two days after the surgery. Water should not contact the surgical site especially for first two days.

5. Which anesthesia method do you often use?
We administer local anesthesia only for the body part below the low back. Depending on overall condition of the patient, we also use general anesthesia methods.

What is the success rate of Thigh Lift?
This surgery is more commonly preferred by women. When the statistics are reviewed in detail, it can be seen that the success rate is quite high. You should choose the correct clinic and physician at this stage.

Is Thigh Lift surgery performed at State Hospitals?
This surgery is an aesthetic procedure that is performed upon request of persons. Therefore, it is performed only in private healthcare facilities. You may contact us at any time to get precise details about surgical processes and pricing. We always stand by you to deliver the most appropriate service for you.

Is Thigh Lift covered by Turkish Social Security Institution (SGK)?
We perform the surgery according to patient’s requests. Ensuring that the person gains aesthetically more pleasant appearance, the thigh lift surgery is not covered by SGK. Persons should have a certain budget for this procedure.

Does Thigh Lift surgery Pose Risk?
This procedure has no side effect. You may safely prefer this procedure that we perform very often. It is broadly a risk-free and safe surgery. Considering this fact, you can see that it is often preferred. All procedures to be carried out during the surgery performed by our specialist physician are explained to you in advance. At this stage, we try to protect the general structure of leg. We can provide you with the safest service in the light of detailed physical examination before the surgery.

Is any extra surgery needed after Thigh Lift?
Your doctor will decide whether other procedures will be required during the surgery. Meanwhile, your leg structure and your reaction to the surgery are taken into account. After necessary evaluations are made, extra procedures can be performed, such as liposuction.

Does Thigh Lift Surgery Leave any Scar?
Since it is a surgical procedure, sutures are placed on the incision line before the procedure is completed. Sutures are placed close to hips. Accordingly, you will not notice a disturbing view. Although small scars are left by thigh lift surgery, they are hidden in a manner that does not disturb you.


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