Natural Plastic Surgery

How to Get Natural Plastic Surgery Enhancements


How do I look like me, but better?

One of the first concerns potential plastic surgery patients have is whether or not their results will look natural. People want to simultaneously improve or enhance their appearance but do it in a way that slips under the radar of friends and family. A majority of patients want to have augmentation that still looks natural. They want to look better but still look the same. They yearn for a balanced blend of science and nature.

In this post, we will suggest a few ways to do everything in your power to achieve the most organic outcome from your plastic surgery experience.

What does “natural enhancement” mean?

Much of plastic surgery is subjective: the patient forms an opinion of his/her current appearance and seeks help to change it, then involving the doctor’s opinion. For the purpose of this post, we will define “natural” as something that appears “normal” or untouched by medical professionals. If your plastic surgery looks natural, it is most likely that no one else will suspect you’ve had any work done.

How to get natural results

One of the main goals of plastic surgery is to help patients become the best versions of themselves. Compensation aside, most surgeons’ top priority is patient satisfaction.To achieve your best self through plastic surgery, keep these three tips in mind:

  • Pick a certified doctor you trust.
  • Decide on a realistic goal.
  • Commit to working on your own appearance before and after the surgery.

Pick a certified doctor you trust

Regardless of where you live, travel to, or end up, you must make sure your doctor has received the necessary training. You wouldn’t see a dentist that doesn’t have a diploma, would you? Names of plastic surgery certifications vary based on the country studied in so check for your specific doctor’s home country’s requirements. The American Board of Plastic Surgery, Inc has a tool you can use if you’re having work done in the US. You can check the European Board of Plastic Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery list of fellows for countries outside the US. The latter list is especially helpful if you’re considering plastic surgery in Istanbul.

After you know he/she is qualified, consider bedside manner. Is the doctor hurried or in a rush? Does he seem erratic? You want to have a good rapport with your doctor with easy communication so you know your expectations are understood and can be met. Understanding your doctor will help you know if he can give you what you want, the way you want it. When you know these things, you can make informed decisions and rest easy knowing that any concerns will be met and explained.

Decide on a realistic goal

If your bra size is an A cup, don’t ask for the biggest implants available. Depending on your bone structure you might topple over. If you have a small frame, the size of your BBL (Brazilian butt lift) should be proportionate. And please understand that if you are 55 years old, your doctor probably can not make you look 21. Nor should he. Aging is the most natural thing on the planet.

Everybody and everything gets old - except for J-Lo - but you can ensure more natural-looking results with the right surgeon and level-headed expectations. Asking for body parts that do not match your current shape or size may sound like fun if you let your imagination out to play. Understand that the dream could turn into a nightmare when you wake up from surgery.

Commit to doing some work before and after the surgery

Plastic surgery is intended to add value to the patient’s self-perception; it is not a quick-fix for underlying medical and psychological ailments. Take liposuction for example. While it is a procedure that is relatively easy to complete and is sometimes repeated and revised, patients should seize the momentum of the operation. Have the surgery once and then work to maintain their new results on their own. Resist falling back into unhealthy habits with the ill-advised notion of additional liposuction surgeries.

Additionally, revising and repeating surgeries can lead to excessive amounts of scar tissue, which could contribute to undesirable outcomes. Scar tissue and possible disfiguration aside, the chances of common complications such as blood clots or seromas would also be increased with additional surgery. Why make yourself susceptible to health complications unnecessarily? Then you also have the basic and unavoidable discomfort and pain of the healing process with swelling and drain management… it might not seem easier, but adopting a healthier lifestyle is safer and more fulfilling in the long run.

The last stitch

Following these three steps can help you avoid ending up as the next social media meme. We’ve all seen celebrities who have had disastrous surgeries but it’s safe to say the pressure for them to look perfect might have influenced their expectations.

Surgical techniques are always improving. Combine these advancements with your diligent research and attainable expectations and believe that your outcome will be naturally rejuvenating. No one will know you’ve had surgery unless you tell them.


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