What is Nasal Filler?

Nasal filler is the term for the procedure that makes the nose look aesthetic without any surgery. Developing technology also accelerated the studies on structure of the nose. Technological advancements featured the non-surgical procedures. We create an aesthetic appearance for your nose with the filler materials that we use. Deviations on dorsum of your nose can be corrected or your nose tip is easily lifted.

How is Filler Rhinoplasty Performed?

It is a broadly pain- and ache-free procedure. We administer local anesthesia around the nose before the filler rhinoplasty. A local anesthetic cream will lower your pain threshold. Following 15 to 20 minutes, we may start the disinfection with an antiseptic solution.

The filler material that we develop specifically for nasal region is injected into subcutaneous tissue. Thus, tip of the nose is elevated and the deviations on the dorsum of the nose disappear. The procedure lasts for 15 to 30 minutes on average. You may resume your routine daily life soon after the procedure.

What are advantages of nasal filler?

If anesthesia is contraindicated for you due to any health problem, it is a perfect option for you. Since you are not anesthetized, you will not experience any problem before and after the surgery. No surgical operation is performed in this procedure. This minimizes the potential risks and side effects. This surgery will significantly satisfy you in terms of correcting the appearance around your nose. Since the procedure consists of simple injection methods, pain and ache are minimized. Its content is more proper comparing to surgical procedures.

How long does effect of Nasal Filler last for?

Since it is not a surgical procedure, the effect is not a long-lasting one. You should not wait for lifelong outcomes from the procedure. Depending on content of the filler material, outcome of the operation lasts for 1 to 2 years. Since the response varies for each person, retention of outcomes will accordingly vary. At the end of this period, you may have this procedure again, if you wish. Depending on structure of your nose, you may also decide the frequency of the filler rhinoplasty.

Who should have filler rhinoplasty?

Best candidates of this operation are as follows:

  • People with mild nasal hump,
  • People with curvature in nose can easily prefer filler rhinoplasty.
The procedure can be performed for anyone above the age of 16. Patient sits or lies on one side during treatment. We clean the nose with a solution containing alcohol. We also use painkiller creams to lower the pain threshold during the procedure.

What are disadvantages of nasal filler?

This operation is quite successful and it is widely preferred, as it is performed within a very short time. The ability to resume routine daily life quickly after the operation also increases the preference rate. In addition, there are also some disadvantages of the operation. These are as follows:

  • Since it has a shorter lasting effect than surgical procedure, it should be repeated at certain intervals.
  • Nose reduction cannot be performed with this technique.
  • If you have a nose with a high hump, you may not gain the outcome that you desire.

Is Nose Filler a Permanent Solution?

It is preferred as it is a pain- and ache-free procedure. On the other hand, persons may quickly resume the daily life after the procedure. However, nasal filler does not offer very long-lasting outcomes. Persons should have the same procedure again following 2-year interval.

How About Recovery after Nose Filler?

Since it is not a surgical procedure, you will not feel ache or pain after this treatment. You may quickly resume your daily life after the nasal filler. You will not experience any symptom, such as bruising and swelling. You do not have to stay at home or there is no recovery period. A mild redness remains on nose for a while. The redness disappears approximately 1 hour after the procedure.

The best effect is seen 3 days after the procedure. You should protect your nose from potential traumas in this period. Avoiding makeup for a while also ensures that your nose heals more easily and quickly.

Is there any side effect of nasal filler?

The procedure is performed with injection. In this regard, there is no side effect, excluding mild bruising and redness. The body adapts to the filler materials easily, as hyaluronic acid is used for this purpose. Since this compound is naturally found in our body, there is no possibility of facing any side effect.

Since it is not a surgical procedure and general anesthesia is not administered, the operation is also free of side effect and risk. It lasts for 10 minutes in a pain-free manner.

How long do outcomes of nose filler sustain on average?
People prefer nasal filler since it does not involve anesthesia and surgical intervention rather than the permanency of its outcomes. The procedure is quite suitable for people who are allergic to anesthetic agents. When the permanency of outcomes is evaluated, it can be seen that they sustain for approximately 2 years. You can get help for having the same procedure at the end of 2 years.

Who should not have nasal filler?
Filler procedure is not performed for children under the age of 16. Everyone who is older than this age can have nasal filler. People who do not have realistic expectations about the surgery should not have nasal filler procedure.

What are Basic Principles that should be known for Nasal Filler?
A surgery is not performed or anesthesia is not administered in this procedure. Resultant outcomes do not last long. They disappear at the end of this period. The procedure lasts for approximately 10 to 15 minutes. This procedure has no side effect. There is no recovery period.

Which outcomes cannot be obtained with nasal fillers?
Limited outcomes can be obtained with this procedure. Nasal bone reduction or correction of deviation is not performed in filler rhinoplasty. The procedure is not solely sufficient for these cases. You should also benefit from extra treatment methods.

Is non-surgical Nose Job possible with Nasal Filler?
The interventions we can perform in nasal filler, which is not a surgical procedure, are limited. This procedure does not involve all aspects of a rhinoplasty. You may contact us at any time for further details about this procedure.

What if an itching occurs after Nose Tip Filler?
Itching may normally develop in nose tip after this procedure. However, you should not scratch your nose tip for the first 24 hours. Moreover, rubbing will also cause damage to your nose tip. You may have a successful postoperative period by avoiding these interventions.

When can I take shower after Nose Tip Filler?
Since it is not a surgical intervention, there is not too much risk after nose tip procedure. People can take a shower the day after the procedure if they want. However, patients should wait for approximately 1 week before taking shower with hot water. Hot water softens the structure of your nose and has a negative effect.

May I work out after Nose Tip Filler?
Although it is not a surgical procedure, you need to avoid certain activities after nasal filler. It does not involve an operation with too many restrictions on your daily life. However, you should not do any physical activity for the first 24 hours. You can walk for short distances after this period. You should avoid all strenuous activities for the first three days.

Is there any medication that I should not use after Nose Tip Filler?
You should strictly follow advices of or physician about the medications that you can take. You should not take any medication in this period, unless prescribed by your doctor. Especially strong painkillers that contain ibuprofen should necessarily be avoided after the procedure. Blood thinners are also among the products that you should avoid.

Prices of Nasal Filler

Aesthetic operations carried out around the nose vary according to the procedure. You may contact us for precise details about prices of nasal filler.


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