What Is Jawline Filling?

Jawline filling procedure that we commonly use in jaw aesthetic is performed to eliminate the unaesthetic appearance of jaw. We can easily eliminate many problems in jaw including asymmetry, hollowness and inequality. We repair the jaw region with this surgery according to the shape of your face. Repairing appearance of the jaw tip reduces the sharpness of your facial features.

You may benefit from the jawline filling for numerous problems that develop in your jaw region. In some cases, jawline filling may not eliminate the problem. In such cases, we need to use necessary aesthetic surgery procedures. Thus, we can create the appearance that you requested easily and quickly in your jaw. Your satisfaction is the important aspect of filler procedures for us.

You may contact us for all questions in your mind about the procedure.

Why Is Jawline Filling Performed?

Filler injections are preferred to repair unaesthetic appearance in any part of the face. For this, we also use surgical procedures when necessary. Filling procedures are commonly preferred since they do not cause pain.

The aim of filler practices is to reshape the region according to your requests. We perform a certain jawline procedure for a certain problem. We can mention that jawline filling is the most pain-free technique.

Why do we need Jawline Filling?

Jawline filling can be requested for various reasons. They are broadly listed below:
  • Too pointed or too flat chin tip,
  • Too small jaw relative to face,
  • Deep dimples on the chin tip
  • Sagging on the jawline,
  • Abnormally extended chin tip,
  • Recessed chin tip.
People mainly need this procedure due to above listed reasons. If you also suffer any of the listed problems, you may always contact us. You can get help from our physician who is an expert of all facial aesthetic disorders.

What Are The Advantages of Jawline Filling?

Advantages of the procedure are as follows:
  • Ensures an aesthetic and young facial expression,
  • It does not require anesthesia or recovery period like a surgical procedure,
  • Minimal risk of postoperative complications,
  • Need for only a single session especially for individuals who have recessed chin,
  • Creating a proportion between the jaw and the face
  • It does not require hospital stay.

Which Aesthetic Problems Are Treated with Jawline Filling?

We solve below listed problems with jawline filling:
  • Chin that is abnormally recessed,
  • Wide or tapered chin,
  • Asymmetrical jaw structure,
  • Loss of prominence of chin,
  • Annoying sagging along the jaw line can be repaired with jawline filling.
All these problems can be easily eliminated with a specialist physician.

How Do Results of Jawline Filling Last?

Filling procedure performed for chin ensures that the individual gains the desired look. The jaw regains the desired look with injection method. Depending on the injected filler material, outcomes last for approximately 1 to 2 years. People may repeat the filling therapy at the end of this period. Permanency of outcomes is also closely related with the quality of material used in jawline filling.

Are Results of Jawline Filling Retrievable?
The procedure does not include any surgical approach. Therefore, it is not associated with a side-effect or postoperative risk. The injection made for jawline filling only includes hyaluronic acid. These acid molecules are naturally found in the body. In this respect, it has no side effect. You may repeat the procedure whenever you want. Since the effects do not last long, the filler substance will resolve within a short period of time, even if you do not retrieve it.

What is Duration of a Jawline Filling Procedure?
Duration of the procedure is dictated by processes performed before and after the filling. The techniques used for the procedure also influence duration of the procedure. We use an anesthetic cream in the jaw region before the procedure in order to get more precise and permanent outcomes. Thus, you feel nothing in this procedure. This cream will stay on your skin throughout the procedure. The duration is approximately 30 minutes. The person may resume routine daily life whenever s/he wants after this period of time. No side effect or risk is faced.

What Should Be Taken Into Account After Jawline Filling?
You should especially pay attention to following points after a successful surgery.
  • You should move your facial muscles slowly for two hours. This ensures that the facial muscles start working faster.
  • You can apply cold compress to the face. Therefore, you can prevent potential edema.
  • You should definitely not lie in prone position for the first 4 hours.
  • You should not rub your face for the first 24 hours. You should avoid applying any kind of cosmetic product on your face.
  • You should not take shower with hot water for the first 24 hours.

Does Chin Tip Filler Cause Any Problem in Chin After It Resolves?
Jawline filling does not have a long-lasting effect. Although the duration varies according to the filler material, you should know that it is not a long interval. Outcomes of filler therapy disappear in 6 to 12 months. Filler materials are completely excreted from your body at the end of this period. Your jaw starts to restore its past form. The jawline filler material does not lead to any problem, when it resolves. Because hyaluronic acid, a substance that is naturally found in human body, is used in the filler material.

Is Jawline Filling Painful and How Long Does The Procedure Take?
Çene dolgularının süresi uzun değildir. Süresi dolgu malzemelerine bağlı olarak değişse de bu sürenin uzun olmadığının bilincinde olmalısınız. Dolgu malzemelerinin ömrü 6 ile 12 Although jawline filling procedure has no side effect, it should be carried out in operating theatre. Since the procedure is painless, it can be preferred comfortably. The procedure becomes quite comfortable with the techniques employed during the procedure. We use special painkiller creams when necessary. The procedure becomes even more painless in this way. The procedure is completed in a short time without any problem with the painkiller creams used before and after the jawline filling.

Can A Younger Looking Face Be Achieved with Jawline Filling?
Jaw region is crucial for ideal facial features. You can obtain the golden ratio with touches in jaw region. Aging or various problems in jaw region impairs the triangular structure. You may gain a young look with jawline procedures in your jaw region.

How Much Filler Should Be Used for Jawline Filling?
Materials used in the procedure vary depending on jaw structure. Suitable materials should be used to get an ideal appearance of jaw structure. 4 cc to 6 cc of filler materials are used for people who have small and prominent facial features. We use approximately 2 cc of filler material to make the jawline appear more prominent. Jawline filler materials vary depending on the surgery.

People Who Have Jawline Filling
All the related examinations are performed before the procedure. During this process, you can find answers to all your questions. This procedure is commonly preferred since its success rates are high.

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Jawline Filling Prices 2024

Facial structure of the patient is crucial in procedures performed for jaw. Materials used in accordance with the jaw structure affect the pricing. You can obtain the most definite information about costs of jawline filling and details about the procedure from our physician.


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