What is J Plasma Renuvion?

J plasma implies delivery of the helium gas to the body with radiofrequency method. The gas is converted into an energetic state with the frequency method, resulting with release of the cold plasma that is transferred to special devices. Helium is a very strong gas due to its structure. It does not have any side effect on humans. Content of the gas provides skin and subcutaneous tissue with elasticity.

J plasma is a very safe method that is applied in cold state. It enables quick recovery. It is a non-invasive treatment modality. Usually, it is specifically applied to face, body and skin.

Today, radiofrequency procedures are more commonly used than surgical procedures due to developing technology.

How is J Plasma performed?

A detailed examination and treatment should be performed before the procedure. A proper plan that is made before the procedure makes contribution to more successful treatment. The ability to perform in a single session increases the rate of preference. Recovery process should be completely supervised by the doctor. It is a pain-free modality due to developing technology. You may contact us at any time before the surgery for your questions. This novel method will be more widely used over time. If you also want to go beyond this era, you may benefit from this method.

Plasma Technology in Liposuction

The modality is used as a secondary method in body contouring surgeries. It offers different functions depending on the surgery. It may also be used for skin rejuvenation and lift surgeries. It is also used to break down the resistant fat molecules especially in fat removal surgeries.

Treatment of cellulites can be challenging in some conditions. You may benefit from J plasma technology to further facilitate the procedure.

State-of-the-art devices enable use of plasma technology for you. It is pretty satisfactory in terms of outcomes.

It is very crucial to perform the procedure correctly in order to gain effective results. You may also contact us to benefit from the best methods.

How Does Renuvion Work for Skin Tightening?

The method is also called new-generation treatment of cellulite, but it is not preferred solely for elimination of cellulite. This method that restructures the skin also helps gaining a tighter appearance. Sagging that develop in women in menopause period can easily be eliminated with this method. Renuvion skin technology is preferred as an auxiliary technique for all rejuvenation procedures. You can have a tighter and younger looking skin with this miraculous device. Stimulation of the subcutaneous layer ensures a tighter appearance in the long run

What are Intended Body Parts of J-Plasma – Renuvion?

This method can be used in all body parts. It is more often used on face. Sagging and worn parts of face and body can be restored with this treatment method. J plasma offers a radical solution for mild sagging secondary to pregnancy. In addition to above mentioned intended use, it is employed for:

  • The region around the neck and the jowl,
  • Back region, around the scapulas,
  • Large waist,
  • Persisting fat accumulation in hips,
  • Worn appearance of knee region,
  • Inner and outer parts of thigh,
  • Upper and lower part of skin,
  • Around chest region,
  • Sagging in arms.

It is usually performed under local anesthesia. General anesthesia can also be considered for patients with low pain threshold. The procedure is performed completely in subcutaneous region. Skin regains its prior appearance after the procedure

J Plasma in Body Contouring

Laser beams have high therapeutic power, if used correctly. Uncontrolled ultrasound and radiofrequency are a threat to your skin. You may reverse this adverse condition by taking advantage of this energy. Since J plasma is a novel method, it requires substantial experience. Today, it is one of the most effective and safest technologies.

The method that is applied with high temperature does not cause skin burns. It is used in all types of body contouring procedure. Since it is an easy and safe method, it is preferred commonly. Skins with tendency to sag can be treated in early stage. Thanks to this way, long lasting aesthetic procedures are not required.

You may contact us at any time, if you seek detailed information about this novel method.

What are Advantages of J-Plasma – Renuvion Technology?

If used correctly, it offers effective outcomes. The means offered by developing technology also contributed to developments in the field of aesthetics. Advantages of Renuvion technology are broadly listed below:

  • It prevents early sagging by taking measures. It rejuvenates cells by stimulating the subcutaneous tissue.
  • It is a substantially safe method relative to all other aesthetic procedures. It does not cause irregularity and wavy texture in skin.
  • It restores the loosened skin of the tummy in an easy and pain-free manner.

What is Plasma Energy?
Plasma treatment, a novel method, delivers a gas to the intended body part. Water vapor unites with nitrogen in the body part, where the gas is delivered. The resultant high energy is fed back in the form of plasma energy. This energy starts a rejuvenation process in skin.

What is Renuvion Cosmetic Technology?
Symptoms of aging include loss of elasticity and tone in skin. J plasma Renuvion is applied to subcutaneous tissue and ensures revitalization of the skin surface. Small incisions are made for this method that is applied to subcutaneous tissue. Minimum tissue damage ensures satisfaction of people who prefer this modality.

This novel technology that tightens the skin differs from traditional laser methods. High heat is not used in this procedure. Therefore, it is a safer treatment method. It can be used comfortably even for the most sensitive parts of the skin. The method does not damage the surrounding tissues and enables a pain-free aesthetic procedure.

J plasma technology is recently becoming popular. It is beneficial for you to consult specialists in this subject. If you want to get detailed information about the procedure, you can always get an appointment from our specialist physician whenever you wish.

In which body parts is J Plasma Most Commonly Used?
The procedure can be used safely in all parts of the body. You may prefer it with minimal pain even at most sensitive body parts. Face, tummy, back and chest are optimal body parts for this procedure.

J Plasma – Renuvion Prices 2024

Renuvion is a novel technology that is not widely used everywhere. It is performed by specialists in certain centers. Our center has technological means to meet you with the technology of future.

You may contact us to get precise information about pricing. Price of the procedure will vary depending on the intended region. You can decide the body part to be corrected in light of the examinations.

Is Renuvion Treatment Permanent?

When compared with all other aesthetic treatment methods, Renuvion has longer lasting effects. It offers more permanent and effective outcomes relative to laser and beam therapies. Since advanced technology methods are used, it has no side effect.

Who may consider having J Plasma – Renuvion Treatment?

Everybody who wants to have an aesthetic surgery can benefit from this procedure. The best age range for this procedure is 30 to 60 years. Symptoms of aging in early and middle stages are prevented with plasma technology. Thus, you can gain a more permanent and effective solution.

May J Plasma be Combined with Other Aesthetic Surgeries?

The procedure is often used for sagging skin and it can be combined with other aesthetic surgery procedures. It offers more effective outcomes when combined with other procedures.

Recovery After J Plasma – Renuvion

Recovery is pretty quick after the procedure. Plasma technology can be used in all body parts that you wish to be corrected and it helps you gain effective and definitive outcomes within a short period.

You may contact us to get precise information about J plasma Renuvion procedure and you can start the treatment within the shortest time.


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