What is hair transplantation?

The people with hair loss seek help from hair transplant treatment. It emerges as a natural solution for problems, such as hair loss and baldness. You may benefit from this treatment method when the hair follicle is not active and it is worn. In this method, hair follicles are transferred to the follicle areas with microsurgical methods.

In this treatment, your healthy hair is transferred to the follicle area. Hair transplant treatment is planned in a completely personalized manner for you. The hair follicles that are resistant to hair loss are collected from the posterior neck. They are slowly and effectively transferred to thinned areas. The aim is to have hair appear natural. This treatment is a minor surgery and it should be performed by a physician, who is specialized in this field. In this method, your hair is restored, as if they had never shed.

If you are also searching the most accurate information about this treatment method, you may schedule an appointment from our specialist doctor whenever you want and start your treatment.

How is hair transplantation performed?

Today, FUE method is frequently used in this treatment method. Since no incision is made during the surgery, this method is commonly used. Since no scar is caused by the hair transplantation surgery, it is widely preferred by the people, who face the problem of hair loss.

The donor site of hair follicles is determined before the treatment is started. Posterior neck and the scalp behind ears are the most appropriate locations for this procedure. Use of special devices ensures that most successful outcome is obtained from the hair transplant procedure. The grafts should be kept in a special solution for a while. Thus, quality of hair follicles is increased.

The procedure should necessarily be performed by an experienced plastic surgeon. Thus, you may get more effective and permanent solution. Hair transplant surgery should never be performed by people, who do not have sufficient knowledge about hair follicles. You may also contact us in order to benefit from the safest treatment methods.

Who are candidates of Hair Transplantation?

This treatment cannot be performed in children and the elderly. Otherwise, hair transplantation is safely performed for everybody with hair loss. This procedure can be performed in children, who are older than a certain age, only after necessary tests are performed.

The people should meet certain criteria for this surgery in order to have this treatment. One of the most important criteria is the acceptable quality of hair follicles.

The people, who do not meet necessary criteria, should use hair strengthening techniques at the first stage. You may contact us, if you want to be informed about most accurate care techniques and to plan the treatment.

What are Hair Transplant Methods?

We use several effective methods within scope of this treatment. You may prefer one of these methods jointly with your physician according to results of examinations. Most commonly preferred treatment methods:

  • FUT method that requires surgical procedure,
  • FUE technique that does not cause scar and is not characterized with surgical procedure,
  • Robotic FUE that is based on the means offered by developing technology,
  • DHI, a more effective method,
  • Sapphire hair transplant where one of precious ores is used,
  • Needle-free hair transplantation that is performed in a pain-free method.
You may restore natural appearance of your hair by benefiting from current and new-generation hair transplant methods. You may seek help from a specialist physician to get most accurate outcomes.

Basic Phases of Hair Transplant

The techniques principally used in hair transplant consist of 6 phases. These phases are as follows:

  • Preparation phase, where blood tests are assayed and your hair is analyzed,
  • Planning phase, where hair is shaved and anterior hair line is determined,
  • The phase where regional anesthesia is used,
  • Collecting appropriate grafts,
  • Making canals on scalp surface,
  • Transferring hair follicles.

What should we take care of before Hair Transplantation?

You should take care of following points before hair transplant treatment to have the treatment create healthier outcome:

  • You should stop smoking and alcohol consumption approximately 1 week before the surgery. You may increase quality of the treatment process by quitting smoking and alcohol consumption.
  • You should stop caffeine intake completely when the surgery date is about to come.
  • You should stop consumption of green tea 1 week before the surgery. Consumption of green tea is not appropriate before the treatment, although it contains trace amount of caffeine.
  • If you have any chronic disease, you should necessarily inform your physician.
  • You should stop use of all blood thinner agents.
  • You should wash your hair before the surgery. You should avoid hair gel or hair styling spray.

Postoperative Considerations of Hair Transplantation

You should pay attention to following issues following a successful hair transplant surgery:

  • You should pay special attention to the recipient site for the first 15 days. This region will be very sensitive for first several days.
  • You should lie in supine position. You should not allow contact of your hair to pillow.
  • The first hair wash following the hair transplantation should be supervised by our team. You should avoid washing your hair on your own.
  • You should avoid sport activities that may cause an impact to the hair transplant region.
  • You should avoid certain places, such as Turkish bath and sauna, for 1 month.
  • You should protect your hair against environmental effects, such as sun rays and rain.
  • You should strictly stop alcohol consumption and smoking for the first 10 days.
  • You should use the medications that you will take after hair transplant under supervision of your physician.
  • Haircutter should not contact this region for up to 3 months after hair transplantation.

Outcomes of Hair Transplant; What to expect?

Pain is likely, but very rare in first several days after the transplantation. You may use the pain killers advised by your doctor in order to prevent pain. In some cases, bleeding may be observed in the recipient site. It is an expected condition and routine daily life should be resumed. The most critical period is the first 48 hours after the transplantation. If you notice any side effect in this period of time, you should immediately contact your physician.

You will enter into recovery process as of Day 10. In this period, pain will gradually alleviate. You may stop medications under supervision of your doctor. The recovery process that starts in first several days will accelerate gradually. Your appearance on the mirror will make you happy 10 days after the procedure.

Outcomes of hair transplantation are usually satisfactory for people, who have this treatment.

Comments of Hair Transplantation Patients

We would like to share a place for comments of patients in order to help your decision-making process. The people who have hair transplant express that they feel as if they are reborn. People will become very satisfied when they leave the problems of brittle hair and loss of hair that have been persisting for a long time. It ensures that these people have life standards with higher quality. The ability to comb and shape their hair again makes patients pretty happy.

Since recovery is very quick following the hair transplantation, people do not express any complaint in this period of time. The low-threshold pain can be quickly controlled with pain killers prescribed by your physician.

If you also want to benefit from appropriate hair transplant methods, you can contact us whenever you want. We stand by you with the state-of-the-art methods. You may seek support from our specialist doctor for correct information before and after the procedure and treatment methods.

Hair Transplantation Prices 2024

Prices of the transplantation vary according to type of the transplantation. There are various types among treatment methods. Patients prefer the technique that is most appropriate for them following the tests and examinations ordered and made by the doctor. Ever developing technology paved the way for use of many different methods also in this field.

Considering the treatment, preferring the correct physician to undergo this procedure is more important than the price. Some wrong practices may lead to bothersome outcomes. The treatment processes applied in coordination with correct physician imply a satisfactory surgery for you.

You may contact us and seek detailed information at any time for further details about the surgery and current prices of hair transplantation.


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