What is Forehead lift

Forehead lift is performed to make the expression lines of the forehead appear smoother. We aim to help your forehead look younger and have more aesthetic appearance with this procedure. The forehead takes a role in majority of your facial expressions. Frowning or squinting due to sun exposure will lead to wrinkles on skin of your forehead.

This surgery is mostly requested by people who are at or older than 35. Gradual loss of subcutaneous collagen and loss of firm tissue texture are among the underlying causes.

Forehead aesthetics repair your facial muscles. Thus, we aim to help you have a healthier and younger look.

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Advantages of Forehead lift

This procedure not only eliminates the wrinkles on your forehead. It also corrects mild sagging in the upper eyelid. Thus, your face gains a tight and young look. The outcome is an aesthetically pleasant appearance. Since brows are slightly lifted, your face looks young. Extra techniques used in the procedure will make your face look as you wish.

The scar tissues are hidden inside your scalp. Accordingly, you will not notice a disturbing view. Forehead surgery is pretty advantageous for you, as the outcomes will be noticed very quickly.

Forehead – Before Preparations

You should take care of certain points for a more successful surgery. These are broadly listed below:

  • You need to ensure continuous communication with your doctor.
  • You should ask all your questions and clearly inform us about all your concerns.
  • You must decide extra treatments and surgical procedures jointly with your physician.
  • You need to communicate all details of your health condition to your physician.
  • You should have all tests that are requested from you.
  • You should take the medications, which you use before the procedure, under supervision of the physician.
  • Unless the physician states otherwise, you should stop eating and drinking a night before the procedure.
  • You should take shower before the procedure and wash your hair with shampoo.
  • You should definitely not put on makeup and you should remove the fake nails, if you have any.

Your surgery will be more efficient as long as you follow these advices.

Forehead Lift Techniques

Aesthetic forehead lift surgeries are usually performed in two ways. We perform one of these two techniques, as deemed appropriate by your physician. Both methods provide clear and permanent outcomes.

If sagging brows narrows your field of vision and your eyes get tired accordingly, brow lift surgery is combined with this procedure. Personalized preference of the technique plays a major role to make your face look aesthetic. In this regard, preference frequencies also vary. The surgery can be performed in following manner:

  • Generally, conventional forehead lift is performed if there is a genetic problem. In this method, we can substantially eliminate the problems, especially eyebrow drop.
  • Another method is endoscopic forehead lift. Upper facial region is lifted; therefore, a young and dynamic appearance is achieved. This method is preferred in conditions caused by external factors.

Recovery after Forehead Lift

This surgery is, recently, performed very commonly. Therefore, we often have the opportunity to observe potential allergic and other reactions. In this context, we preoperatively inform you about all these points. Thus, you will be informed in advance about all potential conditions that you may face before the surgery.

You will gain pain-free outcomes very quickly after the surgery. Thus, the procedure becomes easier. You need to be observed at hospital for 1 night after the surgery. We provide all necessary means for you in suitable and sterile environments. You can get over this process more easily and without pain with continuous communication with our specialist team before and after the procedure.

You may completely return to your daily life within approximately 2 or 3 days after the surgery. Forehead lift is performed in a single session and its outcomes are noticed immediately.

Costs of Forehead Lift (Aesthetic)
All available factors are taken into account to determine the surgical techniques. We may decide the best surgical technique for a certain patient following the examination. Surgical technique and preferences of the person affect the price.

The price will be clarified according to the decisions made by the doctor at this phase. You may contact us at any time to get precise details.

Does Forehead Lift Cause Pain?
Forehead lift surgeries are performed with or without sedation. Accordingly, it is performed under local or general anesthesia. Patients are usually discharged on the same day after the surgery. If the doctor wants to observe the patient for one night, it is necessary to stay at short stay unit for one night.

If the procedure is performed under sedation, the risk of pain or ache mitigates. However, patients may feel a slight pain. The patient does not feel anything during the surgery if general anesthesia is applied. Depending on the technique, the surgery lasts for 1 to 2 hours. Temporary incisions are made on forehead skin. Since those incisions are minimal, recovery period is short.

Does Forehead Lift Provide Permanent Outcomes or May it be repeated?
Depending on the technique, we may gain various outcomes after the surgery. Physician will decide the most appropriate treatment and surgical technique for a certain patient in the light of examinations and tests. It is very crucial for you to notify your complaints to your doctor at this phase. We perform a healthy aesthetic surgery with the most correct and permanent techniques by prioritizing your complaints.

The forehead lift surgery offers permanent effects. The problem does not recur. To make sure that more effective results are obtained from the surgery, you should strictly follow the recommendations of your physician before and after the surgery. Therefore, you may get healthier and definite results.

Recovery processes and permanency vary according to the methods employed. Only your physician can make the most accurate decision by examining the structure of your face.

When Can I Resume Normal Life After Forehead Lift?

The surgery offers various outcomes depending on many factors. You should be observed by doctor throughout the process in order to obtain healthy outcomes. Getting prepared for the procedure before the surgery will help you cope with potential problems that you may face with. Forehead lift surgeries may have side effects, albeit rare. All surgical procedures have certain side effects.

Persons may resume a normal life approximately 2 weeks after the surgery. This period of time can be shorter or longer depending on examinations made by your doctor. Facial structure usually normalizes and surgical scars disappear within 15 days. An aesthetic look is gained back. Surgical outcomes are promising for both patients and us.

Following the procedure you should avoid strenuous exercises and conditions for approximately 2 months. You should not strain yourself to make sure that the changes made in structure of your face settle down. Doing strenuous exercises affect the facial structure due to sweating. You may adapt a non-strenuous exercise routine by avoiding strenuous activities. It is also important to avoid exposure to sun during this period so as not to strain the forehead region by squinting. You should protect your face from all potential external traumas for 2 months.

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