What is breast enlargement?

Breast augmentation is a procedure used on people who have less than normal breast tissue or who have had some of the tissue removed as a result of treatment. It is performed for two different purposes, aesthetic and medical. When treating diseases such as breast cancer, the tumor area is partially or completely removed. During and after the recovery period, a prosthesis can be implanted so that the woman feels psychologically complete.

This involves increasing the breast volume through a surgical procedure. It is performed under general anesthesia. It is used for people who have completed their hormonal and physical development. It is carried out by plastic surgeons. Different models of prostheses are used. The procedure varies depending on the area in which the prostheses are placed.

Why is aesthetic breast enlargement performed?

Breast volume is a condition that completes the woman's physical appearance. The difference in proportions between the two breasts or a genetically determined small breast volume cause women to lose their self-confidence. These problems can be eliminated in a short time with breast enlargement.

How is breast enlargement surgery performed?

It is performed under general anesthesia in the operating room. First, the work area is sterilized. The incision is made according to the area where the silicone is to be inserted. The prosthesis is inserted through this incision and sewn with aesthetic sutures. There are no scars after the operation. In particular, the incisions around the nipples are not visible due to the dark color.

Who is breast enlargement aesthetics suitable for?

The development of the body and hormonal metabolism is completed by the age of 18 and later. It is a process of sudden weight gain and hormonal completion of breast tissue growth. Therefore, this operation is not recommended for people under 18 years of age. This procedure is not recommended for heart patients, people with uncontrolled diabetes and other cancer patients because of the risks associated with anesthesia.

What types of breast enlargement are there?

In recent years, with the development of technology, alternative treatment methods to surgical procedures have emerged. In breast enlargement, in addition to the use of prostheses, hyaluronic acid fillings and fat injections can also be used. Hyaluronic acid filling is a short-term technique and requires repetitions. Fat injection is permanent for many years.

What should be done before breast enlargement?

There are some conditions that must be met before surgery. The person undergoing the surgery should first meet with the surgeon and clearly express what they expect from the breast enlargement surgery and what breast size they want. When inserting the implant, the prosthesis should be selected based on the patient's wishes and the doctor's advice. The shape and quantity of the prosthesis are determined. Routine blood tests will be performed. People taking blood thinners should take a break of at least 10 days. Harmful substances such as alcohol and cigarettes should be stopped at least 15 days beforehand.

What can be done after breast enlargement surgery?

You can return to everyday life 15 days after the operation. People with light jobs and desk jobs can return to work. Light exercises can be done after a month. Because the arms remain immobilized for a long time after surgery, it may be difficult to move them. You can therefore concentrate particularly on arm movements.

Procedure of the breast enlargement operation

The duration of the procedure varies depending on the prosthesis to be used and the location of this prosthesis. For thin patients, the prostheses are placed under the muscle, while for overweight patients they are placed on the muscle. The incision area varies and increases depending on the region. On average, the operation time is 90 minutes.

Breast enlargement surgery recovery process

After surgery, a sports bra must be worn to support the healing process and shape the new breast shape. Pain and swelling are normal. You can get rid of this condition by applying cold in the first 48 hours. To prevent infection, antibiotics prescribed by your doctor should be taken for at least 1 week. Heavy and rapid movements should be avoided in the first 2 weeks. The drains inserted during the operation should be checked regularly by the doctor and removed in a timely manner. If redness, warmth and severe pain are noticed in the breast tissue, a doctor should be consulted.

Frequently asked questions about breast enlargement surgery

He answered the most frequently asked questions about the aesthetics of breast augmentation, which has been the most commonly used in recent years. You can find answers to the questions you ask yourself in our article.

Does silicone placed under the muscle cause loss of strength in the arm?

Submuscular silicone surgery is beneficial in many ways. It reduces the risk of capsular contracture due to the need to suture the pectoral muscles by opening them. Cutting the muscles and opening the tissue completely can cause some problems. Arm movements are restricted and pain occurs. However, arm weakness does not occur after the healing process is complete.

How long after surgery can I board a plane?

It takes at least 1 month to recover and return to normal life. During this time, treatments such as wound healing, removal of stitches and removal of drains are completed. Patients who want to travel by plane can board after a month after consulting a doctor.

Does breast silicone burst over time?

The biggest fear and concern for women who want to have silicone implants inserted is the possibility of the silicone rupturing. There is no damage or explosion to the manufactured implants, with the exception of damage caused by cutting and piercing tools. In addition, the silicones produced contain gel material. This gel is not a product that harms human health.

Does breast silicone shrink?

As a result of breast enlargement surgery, which is performed as an alternative to surgery, breast tissue may shrink. However, it is not possible that the measurements obtained through silicone application disappear over time. There is no need to worry in this direction.

Is there an allergy to breast silicone?

With the silicone models created thanks to developing technology, the brands produce the most natural and compatible products with the human body. In people with a very allergic and sensitive structure, capsule formation occurs after applying silicone. Swelling, pain, redness, and tenderness occur in the breast tissue. These symptoms indicate capsule formation and the silicone should be removed immediately.

Is it necessary to change breast silicone?

In previous years, the time for changing breast implants was specified. It is said that the silicone should be changed every 10 years. In recent years, manufacturers guarantee lifelong use of silicone models. For this reason, silicone can be used for a lifetime if you see a doctor once a year.

Are there scars left after breast enlargement?

The incisions for the surgery are made under the breast tissue, in the armpit, or around the nipple. Seams below the bust line are not visible due to the breast tissue. The cuts above the areoles cannot be seen due to the dark color. The armpit incision can be faded with effective wound care. In cases with complications, unwanted scarring due to poor wound healing is possible.

Can there be a loss of sensation after breast enlargement?

Loss of sensation can occur after nerve damage. Such a complication does not occur during operations performed by doctors who specialize in their field and know the anatomy of the chest.

Do breast implants cause cancer?

Breast prostheses are FDA-approved products. Some effects that may be harmful to human health are tested and reviewed and placed under the supervision of the Ministry of Health. Research has shown that silicones do not cause breast cancer.

Breastfeeding after breast enlargement surgery

Because silicones are placed under or over the muscle, they do not put pressure on the milk ducts. These products, approved by the Ministry of Health, have no harmful effects on breastfeeding and the infant.

Does breast enlargement cause breast sagging?

Breast enlargement is performed on sagging and inelastic breast tissue. It treats breast sagging. Therefore, it is not possible to cause sagging.

Can breast asymmetry be corrected with breast silicone?

Breast asymmetry can be corrected through unilateral or bilateral surgery in individuals who develop breast asymmetry due to genetic breast asymmetry, accidents, or trauma.

How long does the recovery period take after breast enlargement?

The recovery time depends on the patient's age, general health, the success of the operation and post-operative care. The average recovery time is 1 month.

Will I have a drainage after the operation?

A drain will be inserted during surgery to monitor bleeding and fluid. It is a procedure performed for follow-up care of complications after surgery. A drainage procedure is usually used. C

an I have breast exams after breast implants?

After the breast implant, a regular medical check-up should be carried out once a year. Imaging procedures are regularly used for these checks every year.

When can breast implants be inserted after breastfeeding?

During or after breastfeeding, silicone application for breast enlargement can be carried out immediately with the permission of the doctor. However, breastfeeding mothers usually prefer this procedure after breastfeeding is complete.

Does smoking affect the healing process?

Cigarettes cause circulatory problems due to the harmful substances they contain. An interruption in blood circulation severely impairs wound healing. Therefore, smoking should not be used for a healthy healing process.

Will breasts become erect after surgery?

Sagging breast tissue can be lifted using silicone. Over time, skin tissue loses its elasticity and breast tissue sags under the influence of gravity. Thanks to the silicone that is placed in the lower part of the breast, it can be lifted.

Removal of silicones after breast enlargement surgery

In cases where the silicones need to be removed, a surgical procedure is performed under general anesthesia.

What are the risks of breast enlargement?

The most common risks of surgery are bleeding, infection and capsule formation. However, the likelihood of these complications is very low.

Age limit for breast enlargement operations

In general, the surgery is recommended for people aged 18 to 60. For people aged 60 and over, the operation can be carried out with the doctor's consent.

What is the difference between rough and smooth surfaces on breast silicones?

Rough surfaces lead to an unnatural result, smooth models lead to a more aesthetic result.

What are the results of breast enlargement surgery?

After the operation, an upright, fresh and aesthetic appearance of the breast is achieved. Women's self-confidence increases. They are more comfortable in choosing their clothes.

Silicones used in breast enlargement surgery

Two different silicone models are used, one teardrop-shaped and one round. Teardrop-shaped models are most preferred as they give a more natural look. There are some criteria to consider when choosing a prosthesis. The patient's weight, desired breast size, brand of prosthesis and volume of breast tissue are taken into account.

Breast enlargement aesthetic prices 2024

In recent years, it has ranked first among the cosmetic surgeries most preferred by women. Therefore, the number of private healthcare facilities offering this service is increasing. Due to the increased number of preferences, very different price fluctuations have occurred. The brand of prosthesis used, the location of the hospital, the doctor's office fee and the frequency of the doctor's preference in this area affect the prices. Since the prostheses used in surgery are imported products, there may also be different price offers due to the increasing exchange rate difference. Therefore, when choosing a hospital and a doctor, you should consider the price criterion. You can contact us immediately to get information about Breast Augmentation Aesthetics Prices 2024.


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