Botox or fat injection: which is better?

Botox or fat injection: which is better?


Eenie meenie miney…

Those pesky little wrinkles around your eyes seem to get a little bigger each day. Laugh lines? Not so funny. Congratulations on losing weight! But why did it have to come from your breasts? You know you don’t want plastic surgery and would prefer a filler, but what do you want in the syringe?

You have three different options for injectables based on your need and desired outcome. We will compare two - Botox and fat injection - but there’s also a third solution called dermal fillers.

To clarify between the three:

Botox (aka botulinum toxin or botulinum neurotoxin) is a highly potent neurotoxin that paralyzes the tissue into which it’s injected. It blocks a neurotransmitter called acetylcholine and causes flaccid paralysis for a limited amount of time.

Fat injections are one of the most frequently used applications with extremely comprehensive areas of usage. Fat taken from the hips, thighs or abdomen can be filtered and processed, then injected into certain parts of the body (face, cheek, forehead, under the eye, cheekbone or lip.) The fat is most often removed from the abdomen.

Dermal fillers are similar to Botox in their intended treatment areas (small areas like the face or hands) but do not paralyze tissue. There are many brands of fillers available and they each claim to meet a specific need. The American Board of Cosmetic Surgery published a helpful chart of what you should stick where.

Apples and oranges

For ease of comparison, we will only compare Botox and fat injections. There isn’t enough room in this blog to chip away at the iceberg of all the synthetic dermal fillers out there right now so we’ll just leave that as a third option if Botox or fat injections don’t quite fill your void.

Why Botox rocks (or not:)

  • 1. Great for fine lines and wrinkles
  • 2. Can alleviate symptoms of migraines and other physically painful ailments
  • 3. More economical based on volume
  • 4. The process is faster

The skinny on fat injections:

  • 1. Great for filling larger volumes
  • 2. Efficient recycling of your own fat
  • 3. Lasts longer than Botox
  • 4. Promotes new collagen production within your skin

Botox is great for fine lines and wrinkles

Botox is commonly used to treat facial wrinkles on the forehead, near the corners of the eyes and around the mouth. We can’t emphasize the word “common” enough here. How many of us know people who regularly see a medical professional for Botox? Maybe it’s your sister, your cousin or your husband: there are repeat patients who schedule appointments every 3-4 months for reinjections.

Over 7 million people worldwide had received Botox treatments as of the beginning of 2024. Nearly all of these patients report satisfaction from their treatment, with a majority of them returning for repeat treatments.

Botox can alleviate symptoms of migraines and other physically painful ailments

While Botox is an effective and popular aesthetic solution, it literally goes more than skin-deep. As points out, Botox can help treat a variety of physical maladies, including severe underarm sweating, neck and shoulder contractions, migraines, uncontrollable blinking and overactive bladder. It's not just for a pretty face!

Botox is more economical based on volume

Botox is priced per unit, or syringe. Each syringe can have up to 100 molecules of Botox in it. Depending on the size of the area you’re treating, you will need a varying amount of units. A clinic in Virginia, USA, posted a helpful chart and blog about Botox to give you an idea on how many units your face will need based on where your wrinkles are. While it’s difficult to discuss price because every patient’s needs are different, Botox is still cheaper than fat injections.

Botox is faster

In the time it takes you to finish reading this blog, you could’ve had your frown lines turned upside down with a few injections! Maybe reading will do that for you naturally. (You’re welcome.) Hopefully you’re not reading this and thinking deeply, furrowing your eyebrow and thus wrinkling your forehead.

If you are creating wrinkles and need a little Botox, it will be much faster to sit in the chair and receive your units rather than following the fat injection process. Botox treatments usually last around 15 minutes. Fat injection procedures can last hours, from the start of the liposuction to cleaning the fat and then finally injecting it into the targeted areas.

Fat injections are better for large volume

If your wrinkles are in larger areas, such as saggy breasts or buttocks, fat transfer will meet your needs. Where Botox can fill in those fine forehead lines or crow’s feet, it shouldn’t be used on bigger body parts. Think of it like using a fine tip pen in a coloring book. Sometimes you just need a fat marker to get the job done.

Fat injections are an efficient way to recycle your own fat

Unless you’re a professional athlete, you might know of a few areas on your body with a little extra fat. We will always recommend maintaining a healthy lifestyle with balanced nutrition and exercise; using surgical procedures as a fat-loss tool is not healthy, sustainable or advisable.

That being said (and repeated, since we’ve told you how to maintain your BBL with the right food and how to stay in the shape your surgeon gave you through smart life choices) there is one way to get rid of pesky fat and repurpose it. Get it grafted from where you don’t want it and injected into areas you want to plump up!

Fat injections last longer than Botox

Where Botox wears off around 3-4 months, fat injections can last for several years or longer! The injected fat usually integrates into the existing fat and remains there as long as you don’t exercise it away. It does become subject to the fate of any fat: it can succumb to gravity or be worked off in the gym.

Fat injections promote new collagen production within your skin

Fat injections help rejuvenate targeted areas by stimulating collagen production and providing stem cells. Collagen is a protein that keeps elasticity - aka youth! - in the skin and is lost as we age. Stem cells can differentiate into skin cells, further improving outward appearance and structure. Where the magic of Botox lies in its ability to paralyze nerves and tissue, all-natural fat is received back into the body and can act as a fountain of youth.

The last stitch

Consider your wrinkles’ location and size when determining how you want to fill them. This article is not about plastic surgery but remember when we advised you how to choose a plastic surgeon? Follow that same process to find your filler fella, syringe specialist, and/or cannula queen.


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