What is Beard Transplantation?

You may have hair follicles transferred to beardless part of face with beard transplant method. In this method, hair follicles are collected from posterior neck or any other appropriate part of body and they are transferred to beardless skin of the face. We perform the procedure under local anesthesia just as the hair transplantation. Grafts in number deemed appropriate by your specialist doctor are transferred to appropriate parts of your face.

Beard and moustache transplantation with recent popularity is performed under supervision of a specialist doctor in our center. Our specialist doctor stands by you before and after the hair and beard transplant procedure. You are informed about the transplantation in order to undergo an aesthetic procedure in an informed manner.

The surgery is usually performed within scope of hair transplantation procedures.

How is beard transplantation performed?

Stages of the procedure are similar to the hair transplant method. A route at same level with the hair transplantation method is followed. The stages of beard transplantation are listed below:

  • Preliminary examination is performed by the specialist physician before the procedure.
  • We define the region where transplantation will be performed in the light of examinations.
  • We calculate the number of grafts to be transplanted.
  • We obtain blood sample before the procedure and perform necessary tests.
  • We perform the procedure under local anesthesia to prevent pain.
  • We start collecting hair follicles from donor region. We keep the collected hair follicles in a special solution.
  • We transplant the suitable grafts to beardless area using different methods.

Above listed stages will also make you easily understand that the surgery is parallel to the hair transplantation method. The most important stage is to store the collected hair follicles in an appropriate medium.

Who are candidates of Beard Transplantation?

This surgery is one of the aesthetic procedures most commonly preferred by men. We perform beard or moustache transplantation in men without desired rate of hair growth in face. Based on their requests, we perform this procedure with various techniques in regions that they demand. The surgery is principally performed in following people:

  • People who have wound and burn scars as a result of an accident,
  • Who have asymmetric beard,
  • Who have thin beard and mustache,
  • Whose beard does not grow due to hormonal reasons,
  • Who have undergone sex reassignment surgery

The surgery is performed completely in collaboration with a professional team. Thus, side effects are eliminated. A safer and healthier surgery is performed.

What are Beard Transplant Methods?

We prefer a method very commonly in beard and moustache transplantation. The FUE method is the procedure of collecting hair follicles that measure approximately 0.6 mm. We collect hair follicles from posterior neck and transfer them to beard- and moustache-free skin using necessary methods. Thus, we obtain beard from patient’s scalp hair follicles.

In this surgery, we use FUE technique for beard transplantation. The transferred hair follicles grow over time and thus, your beard starts to grow. You can shave and shorten quickly growing scalp hair at certain intervals. The scar that forms in beard region can be easily corrected with surgery.

You may contact us at any time to obtain more accurate information about the surgery.

What should we take care of before Beard Transplantation?

Beard transplantation is performed either to increase density of beards or to transfer hair follicles to beard-free area. Paying attention to following issues before the surgery is crucial for us to perform a more successful transplantation:

  • You should stop alcohol consumption at least three days before the transplantation. Alcohol consumption decreases recovery performance after the transplantation. It increases the rate of bleeding during transplantation.
  • You should discontinue blood thinners at least one week before the procedure. You should necessarily consult your doctor if you take any medication for your health problems.
  • You should quit smoking at least three days before the procedure. Nicotine has negative influences on duration of your recovery. You need to stop smoking and alcohol consumption for a certain period of time before and after the procedure.

Postoperative Considerations for Beard Transplantation

We recommend you follow above written advices in order to maintain the good outcome following a successful surgery:

  • You should avoid contact of water with the recipient site until the first wash. You need to avoid humid environments to boost viability of grafts especially in first three days.
  • You should not use tobacco products for approximately two weeks. You should avoid smoking for quicker recovery.
  • You may experience loss of beard for one month after the transplantation. This condition is called shock period. You should not worry about this loss in this period. You should deem it a normal condition.
  • You may feel itching in the recipient area following the transplantation. You should not scratch the region in order to avoid loss of hair follicles secondary to friction.

Today, this surgery that we perform within scope of modern styles is among the aesthetic surgeries that are most commonly preferred by men.

How should canals be drilled in beard transplantation?

First, there should be a harmony between canals and the hair follicles to be transferred during the transplantation. Certain characteristics of canals, such as depth and width, should match size of hair follicles. This harmony should be sought in order to ensure natural look of transplanted hair.

In some cases, the recipient area is not large enough. In this case, hair follicles cannot develop and grow sufficiently. It is required to shape canals by using correct angles. Here, hair follicles are transferred to ensure their growth at correct angle relative to the necessary area.

It is very important to be careful when canals are drilled in order to create correct angles.

What should be paid attention during Beard Transplantation

Following points require special attention in order to perform the surgery more successfully.

  • You should inform us about all the questions in your mind before and after the surgery. You should clearly know that there is no condition to worry about during recovery period.
  • You should learn all issues in advance that require attention after beard transplantation. Thus, you can cope with the process in a more informed manner.
  • You should follow advices of your doctor and you should first contact your doctor for any problem that you may recognize.
  • Some side effects can be experienced after the surgery. These side effects do not contain the loss. The loss that occurs following the transplantation is called shock hair loss. It is quite normal.

Comments of People who had Beard and Moustache Transplantation

When you work with a physician, who is specialized in his field, you will not face any problem during beard transplant. For this purpose, you need to make a comprehensive search in advance. The ability to know what you should expect before and after the surgery helps you stay calm and manage the process better during the surgery.

When comments of people, who had this surgery, are reviewed, it is observed that they had almost never faced any side effect. You should follow advices of your physicians and necessarily get information about the procedure in order to face side effects rarely. When your concerns about the procedure are properly addressed, you will undergo a healthier procedure.

You may contact us at any time to eliminate all your concerns about the procedure and to be informed about all stages. We and our specialist staff always stand by you.

Beard Transplantation Prices 2021

The surgery is quite similar to hair transplant techniques. Order of procedures and practices are almost identical. At these points, prices are also similar. As is the case with hair transplant, we make a calculation according to the method and number of grafts. We inform you about the price accordingly.

Necessary tests and examinations should be performed by your specialist physician in order to allow us determine the final price. The technique to be used in the procedure and number of grafts will be clarified in the light of these tests and examinations. Thus, it is possible to give you more accurate information.

You may also contact us if you have too sparse bread. You may contact us to get information about beard transplantation and start your treatment as soon as possible.


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