BBL turkey, is one of the most commonly preferred body contouring procedures. In buttock aesthetics, we aim to:

  • Create the requested round shape for buttocks,
  • Ensure a soft transition at level of waistline,
  • Prevent any depressed part in body,
  • Form a soft transition from lower part to legs,
  • Maintain the balance between the waist and legs without compromising the line under the buttocks.

How is BBL Turkey Performed?

All above written procedures are involved in buttock aesthetics. The concept of beauty has a unique meaning for everybody. We stand by you with various aesthetic surgery techniques in order to create the aesthetic look that fits you best.

Certain parts of human body have substantial effects on physical appearance. Buttocks are also one of the body parts that attract too much attention. From this perspective, your buttocks should be proportional to your body. You may seek aesthetic surgeries to gain the look you desire.

Who are candidates of BBL Turkey?

Aesthetic surgeries contour all parts of our body. They help creating the desired form of body shape. People, who seek buttock aesthetics, also have certain complaints. These complaints are very effective to have them undergo an aesthetic surgery. These complaints are listed below:

  • The people with thin body will not be satisfied with buttocks that appear flat. The people, who want to have more voluminous buttocks, may benefit from this surgery.
  • Quick weight loss and gain may lead to sagging around buttocks. You may seek aesthetic surgeries to prevent this condition.
  • Genetic characteristics play a definitive role on shape of your buttocks. The people, who are not satisfied with original shape of buttocks and want to gain the desired form, can change shape of their buttocks with this surgical procedure.

The people with these problems are among the people who prefer the surgery. If you also have any one of these complaints, you may seek help from us at any time.

What are Methods of BBL Turkey Surgery?

We perform buttock aesthetics with several different techniques. These methods are broadly as follows:

  • Use of fat graft,
  • Use of hip prosthesis to lift buttocks,
  • Buttock lift for people who lose and gain weight quickly.

Your doctor decides the best method for you in the light of examinations, tests and analyses.

What you should take care of before Buttock Aesthetics?

We use different techniques in buttock aesthetics surgery. We employ laser liposuction frequently in this field. We remove excess fat with laser that is the best method for lifting. Next, we perform necessary procedures to lift buttocks through the effect of laser. You may also notice regression of your cellulites due to the effect of laser during the procedure.

You need to take care of certain points before the surgery:

  • You should stop blood thinner agents.
  • You should minimize smoking and alcohol consumption as much as possible. You should completely discontinue them especially several days before the surgery.

How is Recovery Period in Buttock Aesthetics?

Postoperative recovery is dependent on success of the treatment. You may need to stay at the hospital for one night according to method. You may suffer from edema at certain intervals after the surgery. Considering the edema that develops after buttock aesthetics, we recommend use of medical corset for 3 to 4 weeks.

You may feel difficulty in mobilization especially for several days after the surgery. This problem can be associated with mild tingling and pain. Sitting down and standing up may be a bit troublesome in the early stage. You should know that it is an expected condition. You may minimize the complaint with pain killers advised by your doctor.

After Buttock Aesthetics
You may face certain conditions after buttock aesthetics surgery. Your movements are limited minimally. You may feel pain and ache in some cases. You should know that they are all expected conditions. Edema or bruising following the procedure is pretty normal. These symptoms will gradually alleviate.

All your complaints will slowly disappear at the end of 4 weeks after the procedure. You should avoid all physical activities for 2 weeks, excluding low-pace walking. You may do all activities you want at the end of this week.

You may start taking shower at the end of the third day after the surgery. You should take off your corset only while taking a shower. You should not skip Week 1, Month 1 and Month 6 evaluations after the surgery.

Buttock augmentation
We use silicone implants quite often in buttock augmentation surgeries. We also use implants for buttock lift surgeries with buttock aesthetics. You will not face serious side effects after the surgery. You will not notice a scar, excluding an 8-cm scar hidden in intergluteal sulcus.

Recovery period varies depending on fat injection. Prosthetic surgery is a little bit longer and more painful. Implants placed to buttocks are shaped with vaser liposuction. Thus, a more natural look is created.

Buttock Lift
You may suffer from sagging in your hips due to quick weight loss and gain. On the other hand, you may also see people, who have this problem secondary to aging. For people with this problem, buttock lift surgery is performed with the help of buttock aesthetics. Excess skin is removed and implants are used instead of it, whenever required.

The procedure is performed under general anesthesia. Patients should stay at the hospital for one night after the surgery. We remove sutures at the end of second week. You may resume your routine daily life 15 days after the surgery.

You should avoid physical activities for 45 days after the procedure. You may start light exercises, such as walking or cardio, at the end of 30 days.

How Long Does Buttock Aesthetics Surgery Take?
Buttock aesthetics surgeries usually take 2 hours. Patients should rest in prone position for approximately three days after the surgery. Buttocks should not be exposed to pressure throughout this period. Patients may resume normal life approximately 15 days later. Daily activities can be started.

Is Buttock Aesthetics a Painful Surgery?
Buttock aesthetics surgery is successfully performed by your specialist physician. You may feel pain for several days after the surgery and it is an expected condition. You may use the pain killers advised by your doctor, if you want to manage your pain. Pain is a pretty normal condition following general anesthesia. You may take appropriate pain killers to prevent this condition.

What are Risks of Buttock Aesthetics Surgery?
It is normal to experience some side effects in buttock aesthetic surgeries. The fluctuating structure of human body makes predicting the situation difficult. Some bothersome results may develop even if necessary measures are taken before and after the surgery.

Getting results that are different from the expected ones is also among the risks. If we face this result we quickly apply to correction surgery. Side effects are quite rare after buttock aesthetics surgery. The main one of these side effects is rejection of filler material by the body. This condition leads to quite serious results. Quick intervention is necessary to prevent infection in the region.

We take precautions quickly in case of persisting redness or all complications. Thus, surgery and recovery period become safer.

Does Buttock Aesthetic Surgery Leave Scar?
It is expected that buttock region becomes more voluminous and tight at the end of the surgery. When the procedures are reviewed, you can see that they leave no scar. The only scar remains in the non-visible part in the middle segment of your hip. Thus, the condition does not bother you. We take measures urgently and provide the necessary treatment in case of sagging and all problems.

Buttock Aesthetics Surgery Prices

Prices vary depending on the type of surgery. Factors affecting the pricing:

  • Reduction or augmentation surgery,
  • Use of silicone during surgery,
  • Use of fat injection.

Prices of buttock aesthetics change according to these conditions.


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