What Is Arm Lift?

An Arm Lift eliminates sagging skin in the elbow and underarm areas. It is generally suited for people who have lost weight rapidly or whose arms sag due to aging.

The procedure can be combined with liposuction, if required. Only your physician can decide to combine arm lift surgery with other procedures. You have to meet suitable hospital guidelines for the procedure. Moreover, we administer general or local anesthesia depending on the patient’s condition.

This surgery consists of simple procedures and typically lasts from one to two hours. Patients are usually discharged on the same day.

t's imperative that you follow your physician's directions before and after surgery. By complying you may experience a healthier and more beneficial surgical outcome. As is the case with all aesthetic procedures, this surgery is associated with some risk, albeit rare.

f you currently suffer from saggy or loose underarm skin, this procedure can be beneficial. Regardless of whether your skin issues are from genetics, rapid weight loss or increasing age, an arm lift could be a permanent solution. Please contact us for detailed information at any time.

Why does underarm skin sag?

There are a few reasons why underarm skin can sag: it's written in your genes, you've suddenly lost a significant amount of weight, or you're getting a little older and your underarm skin has lost its youthful elasticity. Loose, saggy skin can appear unpleasant and can make you feel like an inferior version of yourself.

Regardless of the cause, a solution is an arm lift. We can eliminate the excess skin and tighten what remains. We can give you a tight and healthy appearance. If you want to correct saggy underarm skin and live your best life, please contact us at any time. Skin of arm sags in case of quick weight loss and gain. When the people, who have been overweight for a long time, lose weight, some deformities develop in the body. You may seek aesthetic surgeries to eliminate such conditions. We always stand by you for a life with higher quality and a pleasant look.

How is arm lift surgery performed?

One of the most common aesthetic procedures, an arm lift is successful when it's performed under suitable conditions with the supervision and expertise of a qualified physician. You will see positive results in a short time if you comply with your physician's advice and recommendations for postoperative care.

An arm lift involves the following steps:

  • The physician examines you, discussing your treatment plan and determining whether general or local anesthesia will be used. Any concerns or questions can be addressed and answered at this time.
  • Surgery takes place in an operating room at our private hospital under appropriate sterile conditions. Surgery will last approximately two hours.
  • You will most likely be discharged on the same day, as the chance of risk or complication is minor.
  • You may experience mild pain the first three days following surgery. Your doctor and our team will provide sufficient pain relief.

You should know details of the surgery in advance. Thus, your surgery will create outcomes with higher quality.

How Long Does Arm Lift Procedure Last?

The surgery is performed under anesthesia or sedation. Duration of surgery varies depending on the method. Structure of arm and opinions of physician also change the duration of surgery. We stitch the sagging skin that we remove from inner and posterior parts of arm in the form of a layer. Therefore, original appearance of the arm is restored.

In some cases, liposuction is performed before the arm lift surgery. This approach depends on your examinations performed by your physician. If you also have excess fat deposition in your arms, liposuction is performed in addition to the surgery.

The surgery generally lasts for around 2 hours. It will take a bit longer if liposuction is performed in addition to the surgery.

Before Arm Lift
You should pay attention to certain points before the surgery. Therefore, you may obtain the most effective outcomes both during the procedure and the recovery period. We can list these procedures as follows:

  • We should examine the skin under the arm to understand the structure of the arm.
  • Our physician performs a detailed examination. We review the methods to be employed and general condition of the patient during the examination.
  • If you seek the surgery also for abnormal fat deposition, we make preparations to perform liposuction in addition to the surgery.
  • A blood sample is drawn from the patient before the surgery. Our doctor will review the results and expresses his/her opinions about overall condition of the patient.
  • We also order ECG. Thus, we get information about cardiac health problems in advance.

What Are the Considerations After Arm Lift?
To ensure that you have more benefit from the surgery, you should be careful about some points after the surgery. Thus, you can get more permanent results. We can list the conditions that you should pay attention after the surgery as follows:

  • You should avoid sudden and strenuous arm movements. Sudden arm movements cause different problems in your arm structure in the future. You should try to maintain a calmer daily life after the procedure.
  • You should strictly avoid sea and pool for 3 weeks. Striking out will harm your arm that is recently contoured. You should strictly avoid such movements.
  • Having a sick leave for 3 weeks will ensure that your arm will recover within a shorter period of time.

Comments of People Having Arm Lift Surgery

We receive quite positive feedbacks after the surgery. We observe that the thickness and roughness in our patients’ arms turn into a more elegant appearance. Patients wear their clothes more easily. Moreover, their arms look better in the clothes. Patients do not try to hide their arms in their future lives.

The surgery has positive influences also on your social life. The people, who undergo an arm lift surgery, do not complain of scars. You cannot recognize the quite small incision in daily life. A point mostly wondered by patients is the postoperative scars. Having very small scars after the surgery will not create a problem for you.

Quality of life increases in the people, who undergo this surgery.

Arm Lift Prices 2024

The techniques we use in surgery affect prices of the surgery. Techniques that we use in addition to the surgery also change the prices. Techniques to be used are clearly decided in the light of examinations by our physician. Moreover, whether local or general anesthesia will be used for the surgery is also among the factors that affect the price.

Aesthetic surgeries performed in arm affect quality of your daily life. If you also complain of the structure of your arm and sagging in your arm for many years, you may seek this aesthetic surgery. You can communicate your questions to us at any time you wish. You may schedule an appointment for our specialist physician to get more accurate information about the arm lift.


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