Am I too old for plastic surgery?


Aging and aesthetics

Social media is flooded with plastic surgery patients and their before-and-afters. Nose jobs, face lifts, arm lipo, tummy tucks… the world is full of people who have selected cosmetic surgery for one reason or another. Based on the success of the surgery, sometimes it’s difficult to know the true age of a subject. You might be fawning over people in magazines who are the same age as you, but how can you tell?

Maybe in addition to wondering how old these people are, you’re also thinking about getting some work done. But the people you see look so YOUNG. Has your window of opportunity closed? Has your fountain of youth dried up? Are you too old for plastic surgery?

Is age just a number?

Yes! Age alone will not disqualify you for plastic surgery. It’s irrelevant. The number of trips you’ve made around the sun has no factor on your ability to withstand and recover from plastic surgery. Age really is just a number.

However, there certainly are other numbers that DO influence your capacity to cope during and after a medical procedure. These numbers are your physical health markers (think height, weight, BMI, blood pressure, etc.) and your financial status. Other areas where data is a little harder to acquire include your general emotional health and the presence or lack thereof of a support system to help you after surgery.

Rather than age, consider your:

  • physical health
  • financial situation
  • emotional well-being
  • support system at home

Get healthy ahead of the hospital

It might seem ridiculous to think you need to fix your health before having plastic surgery, but it’s in your best interest to be in the best shape possible prior to going under the knife. Regardless of your procedure, a healthy body will heal more efficiently than an unhealthy one. For tips to get yourself right for surgery, read our post that’s loaded with advice on how to prepare yourself for plastic surgery.

In addition to everyday maintenance like exercise and diet, make sure you are free from or are at least maintaining any chronic illnesses like high blood pressure, diabetes or anemia. There’s a doctor in Texas, USA, who wrote an informative blog on reasons patients could be deemed ineligible for plastic surgery. And being too old is NOT one of them.

Save up, crack down, budget for it

A proper amount of research will show you that different areas of your country, other countries and other parts of the world will charge various amounts of money for the same surgery. It’s your decision where you go and who does your surgery. Once you’ve chosen a surgeon and are comfortable with the price, make sure you are financially prepared before you leave.

There could be additional items you may want to buy related to your surgery, like compression garments or medicine. Ask your surgeon if there are supplemental necessities not included in your surgical package total. If you’re traveling abroad, consider extra charges that might pop up regularly, such as currency conversion charges, foreign ATM fees and transportation costs.

Wrap your head around it

Take time to live with your plastic surgery decision well before scheduling it. Completely think about what you currently have, what you want to change, how that could feel and if you’re worried about others’ reactions to any changes.

Talk to past patients to hear their stories. Understand their process and imagine your own. Ask questions. Research more than one surgeon to find one you feel comfortable with. (We told you what to look for in a plastic surgeon here.) You want to have the utmost confidence and trust in whomever you choose to help set your mind at ease.

Plastic surgery and its effects truly are more than skin-deep, and we don’t just mean liposuction. The entire process of surgically making changes to your body can generate feelings. Be ready to process these feelings. Read our post about plastic surgery and mental health for some information on how plastic surgery can affect your perspective (and how your perspective can affect your plastic surgery.)

Make a recovery plan

Call your family, friends or neighbors. Call in a favor if you need to, because you might need a little help when you get home. Depending on your surgery, your mobility might be limited. Your energy level will most likely be decreased. Your desire to complete daily household chores or self-care might be limited.

Of course, recovery times vary by patient in terms of length and necessity. Some patients demand more intensive care and others are back to their old routines quickly. Regardless of your rehabilitation requirements, having some helping hands to bring groceries and make meals, move furniture or wash clothes and dishes can enrich the quality of your recovery.

The last stitch

You’ve heard that you’re only as old as you feel. How do you feel when you look in the mirror? Will seeing a more youthful appearance make you feel better inside? Do you want to look more like those ageless beauties on Instagram and TikTok? The decision is yours. If you will feel younger when you look younger, take this opportunity to make some changes in your life. Improve yourself inside and out. It’s never too late!


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