5 Ways to Ruin Your Plastic Surgery


Why listen to us?

Having plastic surgery was a major step in your steadily-improving life: congratulations! Don’t rest on your laurels (or that new BBL) for too long, though. You have work to do if you’re serious about improving your body. You had the outside trimmed off, filled out and/or spruced up. The work doesn’t stop when your drains come out. Now it’s time to focus your mind on recovery. We have listed five big things that deserve your complete commitment as you heal. If you want to wreck your plastic surgery’s results, do the following:

  • 1. Don’t drink water or eat healthy food
  • 2. Smoke like a chimney and drink like a fish
  • 3. Remember that your doctor knows nothing
  • 4. Sleep all day
  • 5. Party all night

1. Water and nutrition

It’s first for a reason: it’s the most important aspect of your healing. We told you how to maintain results after plastic surgery in general and the big takeaway from this is knowing that what you put in your body will fuel or fail you. You literally ARE what you eat.

Hydration is an integral part of a healthy body and it’s even more important as your body is trying to heal. If you don’t give your body the amount of water it needs on a daily basis, your blood can’t perform at its best. Hydrated blood helps move nutrients and oxygen around so your body can repair itself. Patients recovering from plastic surgery should try to drink two to four liters of water a day. If you’re not sure if you’re drinking enough, read PointPerformance’s blog on water for signs you’re dehydrating yourself.

Nutrition is just as important as water. Notice we did not call it “diet” because that word can have a negative connotation. Diets are restrictive and make you hangry. Diets start “tomorrow” and are easily disregarded in moments of culinary temptation or mental weakness. You’ve changed your body and now it’s time to change your mind about food. Food choices you’ve made in the past led you to the OR. If you fall back on old ways of eating, you will throw away all the hard work your surgeon just did.

2. Smoking and drinking

You’ve probably heard that smoking is unhealthy and you should stop.

So why haven’t you stopped yet? There’s no flipside to this one; no “everything in moderation” quote to comfort you. Just quit already. Smoking will cause necrosis and infection because it limits the oxygen that flows to your healing muscles and tissue.

Alcohol dehydrates you. Go re-read #1 if you’re wondering why hydration is important. (Also grab a glass of water because dehydration can lead to confusion and mental fog.) Alcohol can also interact with the important medicine you need to complete, specifically antibiotics and painkillers. Alcohol can also thin your blood, making you more susceptible to prolonged bleeding and infection.

3. Listening to your doctor

You trusted this man or woman to cut into your naked, lifeless body. Now you should take his or her words to heart regarding your aftercare. If you’re told to walk 30 times a day, slide into those athletic slippers and hit the pavement. When your surgeon cautions you to delay driving for two weeks, do NOT sneak behind the wheel to make a quick grocery shopping trip.

Being a rebel can be exciting but it can also make you foolish. Your surgeon likely has a history of positive outcomes for a reason. Part of the success is undoubtedly in his hands but true patient satisfaction comes from sustained results.

4. Mobility

Ok, so the “walking 30 times a day” might be an excessive example, but you do need to move your body. Even though every fiber of your being might be telling you to pack it in and sleep it off, understand that too much rest can be as detrimental as not resting enough. In addition to pumping oxygen to your muscles, exercise and movement can help keep your digestive system regular.

5. Rest

If you skimmed #4, go back up and read every word. Now think of the flipside and balance. You should strive for equal parts movement and rest. Your body needs some unconscious time so it can physically mend its broken parts while your brain rests. While you’re asleep, your body increases its level of growth hormones to regenerate skin cells. It regulates your immune system to help you fight infection.

The last stitch

Keep your surgical momentum and don’t let that temple crumble around you! Drink water all day and eat good food. Don’t smoke or drink alcohol. Follow your doctor’s aftercare plan and ask questions if you don’t understand something. Move that new body but also rest every day. You’ve worked to create a New You on the outside; now it’s time to sync up the inside.


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